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5th Asia Shale Gas Summit & 2nd Asia-Pacific Unconventional Resources Tech & Equip EXPO

12-14 October,2015  |  ShangHai  |  Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center


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5th Asia Shale Gas Summit & APAC 

Unconventional Resources EXPO

Time: 12-14 October, 2015
Location: Shanghai World Expo 

Exhibition & Convention Center
Organizer: Shanghai United Institute for Unconventional Resources
Shanghai Energy Economy Committee of SEA
Host: SZ Energy Intelligence Co., Ltd.

Historical Acitivity

Energy China Forum:

Energy China Forum Historical Acitivity

1.2015.3 ECF received approval from Sinopec on the 1st field trip by external foreign participants in Sichuan Shale Basin...
2.2015.3 ECF conducted 1st visit to AmCham at the invitation from Business Center of America Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai...

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